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Not sure that you will ever be “Wealthy”? The equation to build wealth is not that complicated:

Your Income from all sources - All your expenses = Your Savings. Then Invest!

Need more Income? Possible fixes are working more hours, getting a better job, finding a second or even a third part-time job. Expenses are too much? You know the answers… Find ways to enjoy life but look for ways to cut out some of the excess now so you will have more of the luxuries later.

The hardest part for many people is the Savings… Where do I invest? Often it is easier to just spend it so you don’t have to figure this one out. Ask a dozen people what to invest in and you may get just as many different answers. When the stock market is soaring higher everyone thinks this is the greatest. But when it turns the other direction they all think it is the worst place to put your savings. Same thing goes for Real Estate.

Investing you money in an appropriate manner will get you to your ultimate goal. Call 970-378-1031 today to receive more information or contact your local Transnet Financial Group representative if you have additional questions.